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  • R&D
  • Production
  • Sales
  • CS
  • After-sales service:

    In order to cooperate with customers to further improve the after-sales service of products and maintenance, we hereby solemnly promise to customers:

    1)All the performances of the products are in line with the national standards and the standards for superior products

    2)After the arrival of the product, in the process of acceptance by the customer, if there is any inconsistency with the contract requirements, the company will reply and deal with it within 8 hours after receiving the notice from the customer

    3)The company is equipped with specialized services, professional responsible for the warranty and quality related services, and 24 * 7 service provided at any time. When received the warranty and quality complaint information, professional service staff will ensure reply within 12 hours, if necessary on-site service, according to the actual situation general rushed to the scene within 24 hours, and ensure customer satisfaction

    4)In the correct installation and use conditions, after the equipment is put into operation, if there is any kind of quality problem and confirmed to be the cause of our product quality, our company will be responsible for it to the end