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    GLD series (Oil Sealed rotary vacuum pump)

      GLD-series is an oil sealed rotary pump of high performance, high quality and high reliability. Its creative design of the cooling fan realizes incomparable high vacuum degree and improves heat dissipation effect. Besides the advantage of low vibration and low noise, the large observation window also allows users to check oil pollution easily.

      Automatic pumping line of compressor, refrigerator, Air-conditioner, water dispenser Physics and chemical experiments, analyzing appliances, laser-related facilities.High-vacuum pumping systems, backing systems for electronic microscopes Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, sputtering, evaporation, illuminant. Vacuum drying, freeze drying ,Analytical instruments and leak testers.
Pumping rate curve

* 1  Measured with a Pirani gauge(Approx. 6.7×10-2Pa when measured with a Mclead vacuum guage).
* 2  G.V is abbreviates by gas ballast valve.