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    PVD-N180(-1)/ PVD-N360(-1) Oil Sealed rotary vacuum pump

      Stable exhausting performance

      Low noise

      Equipped with gas ballast valve
      Steam can be evacuated through exhaust hole so as to purify the oil in tank.

      Easy maintenance and inspection
      Because of the block structure, the unit is strong and has few parts. Overhauls and other maintenance and inspection work can be done easily and accurately.

      PVD-XXX-1 series.
      This model increases the oil volume, the frequency of changing oil as well as oxidation and deterioration of oil can be reduced so as to prolong the life span of oil.

      ?  LiBr absorption chillers, illuminant, refrigeration.
      ?  Fluid filling processes, liquid crystal injector.
      ?  Vacuum freeze drying, vacuum packing.
      ?  All kind of vacuum equipment.
Pumping rate curve

* 1  This data is measured with a Pirani gauge (When measured with a McLeod vacuum gauge, the value approximates 6.7×10-2Pa ).
* 2  G.V is the abbreviation of gas ballast valve.