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    NRL60A / NRL90A / NRL180A Dry Pump

      NRL series: Uniformity of low temperature distribution. Suitable for the important process of cavity’s evacuation which wants to increase the flow rate and shorten the exhaust time.
      Low vibration and noise
      Excellent in corrosion resistance

      The internal components are specially treated by giving a high degree of surface hardness and corrosion resistance. This helps prevent the internal parts of pump from corrosion when exposed to corrosive gases.

      ?  Evacuation of activated gas (CVD and etching, etc).
      ?  Evacuation of inert gas (PVD, evaporation,heat treatment processes etc).
      ?  Evacuation of gases on the process which generate powders (Si crystal growing furnaces, etc).
      ?  Backing pump for turbo-molecular pumps and mechanical booster pumps, etc.

Pumping rate curve

* 1  The limiting pressure is the value of nitrogen (sealed gas) at 5.0slm.
* 2  No condensation.
* 3  The value of a pressure gauge adjusted with a regulating valve.
* 4  Nitrogen (sealed gas) flow 5.0 SLM is a fixed value.