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    NOC series (Oil cleaner)

      When the oil sealed pump is vacuuming, it will make the vacuum degree goes up or cause a breakdown when the pump oil mixed with impurities from the vessel (i.e. acid gas, moisture, fine dust). Users need to change the pump oil and clean the pump periodically.
      NOC oil cleaner, with its filter imported from Japan, can accurately remove a large amount of impurities while the pump is running. This apparatus can keep the pump and the oil clean, reduce the possibility of failure and lengthen its service lifetime.

      ?  Remove dirt and sludge, Electrified adsorption.
      ?  Remove acids, Neutralization.
      ?  Remove water content,  Water adsorption.
      ?  Oil is kept always clean without stopping the pump.

      ?  Various vacuum device (Contains dry、Freeze-drying、Injection、Package、Forming、Distill、Cooling、Concentrate、Stir、Filling、 CVD Etc.).
      ?  Electrical and Electronic、Chemical pharmaceuticals、Paper printing、Food、Mechanical、Optics、Atomic Force and.
Pumping rate curve

Note: This apparatus is only applicable to the pumps manufactured by ULVAC (NINGBO) CO., LTD. If it is used in other brand pumps, please contact us for further information.