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    NWS Series Oil-Water Separator Series

      Large amounts of water entering the vacuum pump, which shorten the service life of vacuum oil, lower the vacuum degree, causing vacuum pump failure or rust, has become a major problem. In addition, when a large amount of water is constantly mixed in the oil, even frequent draining out the moisture form the oil or changing the vacuum pump oil cannot put an end to the vacuum pump failures and maintenance problems. This apparatus can be operated after connecting with the oil sealed rotary pump and separate the moisture from the oil and drain it out by precipitation.
      We adopted high quality filter which enables the water precipitated after contacting with the filter and manually drained out through the drain port. And then, the oil will go back to the pump. The proper operation of this apparatus can avoid a various problems caused by the water.

      ?  The moisture membrane of oil-water separation filter, oil filtration, water moisture film interception, the differences in specific gravity separation, oil-water separation performance.
      ?  Little pressure loss and efficient.
      ?  Can be removed by the moisture in the vacuum pump oil, pollutants, and the acidic substance.
      ?  Long service life of the filter, keep the oil clean for a long time.
      ?  Be applicable to long-term continuous oil-water separating process.

      ?  Various vacuum device (Contains dry、Freeze-drying、Injection、Package、Forming、Distill、Cooling、Concentrate、Stir、Filling、CVD Etc).
      ?  Electrical and Electronic、Chemical pharmaceuticals、Paper printing、Food、Mechanical、Optics、Atomic Force and other industries.

Pumping rate curve

Note: cable model is the company products. If used in other products, please consult.