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Service Procedure

Fault pump repair process

A Defective product delivery
Send to:
Address: 348 Mingzhu Road, Hi-Tech Park, Ningbo, China
Consignee: Chunyan Chen
Tel: 0574-87913970/15558265984

1. Below 60 KG, via Express、EMS etc.
Over 60 KG, via logistics and arrange home delivery
2. Pls leave your contact information and default phenomenon inside the packing box.

B Maintenance quotation confirmation

After receiving the defect pump,the following situations are not included:

1)Products which extends warranty period

2)Failure and defects caused by force majority, such as  fire, flood, typhoon, thunder and earthquake etc.
3)Failure and defects caused by misuse or abuse
4)Products which has been repaired, disassembled, or reproduced with our approval
5)Failure and defects under unusual condition( strong electromagnetic, radioactive environment, high temperature, high moisture, flammable and corrosive gas, dust etc.)
6)Failure and defects due to noise
7)Product deficiency or secondary ramification occurred to buyer, from law suit to our company by a third party for patent infringement
8)The reason of failure deemed below the specification usage condition bu our company technical staff

C payment

Maintenance report and quotation will be provided after repair is completed. Delivery will be arranged while we were notified by fax and received payment.


Zip code:315040
Tel::(+86) 0574-87905551
FAX:(+86) 0574-87903997、87913971
Bank:ICBC Ningbo National High-tech Zone Sub-branch
Tax code:330205610263457

D delivery of invoice
We will arrange delivery of products and invoice within 1 week. Please provide your invoice details.